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8833 Perimeter Park Blvd, STE 503

House of Platinum Cannabis  Dispensary is your trusted source for quality medicine. And we’re here to take your medical marijuana experience to new heights.


Our team brings years of cultivation experience to our 45,000 sq. ft greenhouse and 4.7 acres of Florida farmland. Embracing lessons learned from growing in California and Colorado, we’ve mastered techniques designed to maximize cannabinoid and terpene development, resulting in the most effective medicine on the FL market. With crop protection methods that guarantee a safe product free from harmful chemicals and a carefully monitored fry and cure process, the uniqueness of our strains is always preserved, no matter which of our 7 locations you shop.

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We take pride in our clean, potent medicine, but our true point of pride is our patients. Your commitment to wellness through plant medicine is what inspires everyone on the HT Medical Dispensary team, from our cultivation experts to our Care Specialists. In an effort to return the favor and inspire your experience, we offer a rewards program designed to support your specific cannabis journey. You earned it.


We understand there’s a lot to learn—and a lot to unlearn—when it comes to medical marijuana. Our team is here to help. With a focus on education and a commitment to transparency, we update our blog monthly with the latest cannabis studies and scientific discoveries so you can stay informed. Because we want to be more than your reliable source for safe medicine. We want to be your reliable source for all things cannabis.

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Providing Holistic and Green Alternatives for Qualified Patients; "One Smile At A Time"



We believe in being available when others aren’t. We minimize wait times and do our best to offer on-call providers and same-day appointments, when possible. Contact us to find out more.

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