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25987 S. Tamiami Trail, Unit 110

Nuestro Kief limpio y concentrado tiene un color claro y efectos intensos.

Separado mediante una malla fina y sin disolventes, GrowHealthy™ Kief, específico de la cepa, captura el potente sabor, el aroma y los efectos de las flores en prácticos cristales concentrados.


Grow Healthy’s dedication to help patients live healthier, happier lives begins well beyond our dispensary doors. It starts with expertise in the field. GrowHealthy creates and curates all-natural products backed by innovative science, research, and testing.

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Why GrowHealthy?

Because we’re obsessed with bringing you the safest, purest, most high-quality cannabis products, coupled with world-class customer service and convenient home delivery. Whether you’re seeking pain relief or looking for deep relaxation, GrowHealthy can help.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Today

Providing Holistic and Green Alternatives for Qualified Patients; "One Smile At A Time"


We believe in being available when others aren’t. We minimize wait times and do our best to offer on-call providers and same-day appointments, when possible. Contact us to find out more.

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