Meet Our Physicians


Dr. Michael F. Bekhit

Michael F Bekhit MD is a Florida licensed physician specializing in pain management as well as community based health care.


Dr. Bekhit both grew up and practices Medicine in Central Florida, and is a graduate of the University of Florida and San Juan Bautista School of Medicine.


Dr. Bekhit is fluent in English, Spanish, as well as Arabic and focuses on a complete medical approach honing in on pragmatic patient outcomes.


Dr. Kurz

Dr. Kurz was raised in FL, attended Medical School in Iowa and spent the next ~ 20 years enjoying the outdoors in Colorado.


He is Board certified in Family Medicine with an emphasis in Sports Medicine, Wellness and Occupational Health.


He has been actively recommending MMJ as an alternative treatment for numerous conditions for ~ 10 years and enjoys running, biking, gardening and cooking.


Dr. Souheil Moussly

Dr. Souheil Moussly is a board certified physician who specializes in Internal medicine. He Completed his medical residency in New York Medical College in 1987.

With over 30 Years of experience Dr. Moussly has participated as an associate clinical professor from 2010-2021 and has been a clinical research principal investigator (PI) from 2010-2022. Amongst his highlights he's also been a weight loss medical center director from 2003-2006 and has held his own private practice since 1987.

Dr Moussly supports holistic medicine in the quest for alternative care.