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Get your Medical Marijuana Card today

What We Offer

We understand that making business and medical decisions for yourself is a process. That's why our network of Florida State, board-certified medical marijuana physicians strive to provide each patient with the individualized care and attention needed to make the best health decisions for themselves. Our ultimate goal is to help our patients find peace from their pain and lead healthier lives through understandable, professional advice. With this in mind, we provide personalized treatment options and services that work toward achieving positive results while keeping business operations going smoothly.


Get your Medical Marijuana Card today

Our business offers a professional service to those in the FL area looking to make good use of their medical marijuana card. From resources on available products and services to safe delivery options, we strive to provide a complete customer experience for our visitors.


We go above and beyond the typical dispensary model, offering support and advice from our knowledgeable staff, along with excellent customer service every step of the way.


Our business would not be nearly as successful as it is today without the amazing help and support of our dedicated affiliates. We strive to ensure our business operates with complete professionalism and works hard to provide exceptional service to all of our members.


Green Source FL has grown drastically thanks largely in part to the wonderful contributions of our affiliates, and we hope to continue developing further while providing the best possible experience for them. We are incredibly thankful for everything that each affiliate has done – internally, we really do appreciate them!


What Our Clients Say

"This place was fantastic. Both the reception and doctor were very welcoming, helpful, and understanding. The process was very easy and stress-free. I’ve already started recommending them to a few people. I wish I hadn’t wait so long to look into this."
"It was a very knowledgeable and pleasant visit. The staff were polite and courteous and the service was prompt and the intake receptionist was just amazing  very nice young woman
"Green Source is super affordable and their process is so simple. their staff is lovely, especially Laura! love the location and the decor! will be coming back when it’s time to renew"

Get Approved Medical Marijuana Card Today

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